Petfinder Sync

Petfinder Sync 5.4

Synchronize the data between your RescueGroups account and Petfinder account
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This application will synchronize the data between your RescueGroups account and your Petfinder account. Meaning, any changes you make to your animals in RescueGroups (add, update, delete) will be made for you on Petfinder automatically. Please note, the sync is only one way. The data moves from RescueGroups TO Petfinder, and not vice versa.
This application will allow you to schedule when you want to run your data syncs. Simply tell it your username and password for RescueGroups and Petfinder and how often you want it run. However, if you don't wish to run the application in a scheduled fashion, then you can simply open the application and click 'Sync Now' when you want to synchronize your data.
- Adds/Updates/Deletes animals of all types
- Synchronizes pictures and the order in which they appear
- Handles videos (either uploaded ones, or links to YouTube)
- Can be scheduled to run automatically with an interval you define
- Supports syncing of multiple groups on the same computer
- Works with proxy servers
- Notifies you of updates and can download and install them automatically
- Works with all versions of Windows (tested with XP, Vista, and Windows 7, both 32 and 64-bit versions)
- All activity is logged for your knowledge, and ease of problem diagnosis for me.

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